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Slab Leaks

Slab Leaks

If you need a plumber and you want exceptional service, give DeVinney Plumbing a call. Having been involved in the housing boom of the 1980s, we are very familiar with the construction techniques of the era. Unfortunately, the design flaws have now surfaced resulting in leaks all across the southland. Using our leak detection and locating equipment, our technicians are able to find and repair your leaks (hot and cold water lines, gas lines, and the like).

Do you have leaking pipes in your home or business? Not sure where the leak is coming from? We can help you locate the problem and repair it quickly and affordably. DeVinney Plumbing uses state of the art technology to track down and find any problems with underground and above ground pipes and ducts. We can detect leaks without having to do any unnecessary digging.

DeVinney Plumbing can detect various types of leaks

Video Camera Inspection

Video camera pipe inspections is a technology used by DeVinney Plumbing to detect pipe leaks and breaks. Our state of the art video camera inspection equipment is a bendable fiber optic wire with a high resolution video camera attached at its end. The device is complete with sensors. Once the camera is introduced into the pipe it enables our technicians to quickly complete visual assessments of underground pipes and to locate any leaks or breakage. The video images as well as the diagnosis are saved and a copy will be provided to you upon request.

Problems commonly identified by a video camera inspection include:

  • Damaged pipes- collapsed or broken pipes.
  • Misaligned pipes- caused by the ground shifting and tree roots, among others.
  • Clogged pipes- grease build up, or any kind of blockage.
  • Deterioration of pipes- corrosion or oxidation formed over time.
  • Root invasion- tree roots that grow and damage pipes or sewer lines.

For Video Camera Inspection in Huntington Beach, CA give DeVinney Plumbing a call at 714-375-0126.

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